Amalfi Coast Cruises

Half-day or full-day excursions in Amalfi and Positano

Amalfi And Positano Boat Tours

The Divine, so called for its heaven beauties, is composed by 13 villages, all characterized by its own landscapes and attractions. The must see for a complete and special Amalfi Coast boat tour:

  • The Lovers Arch; 
  • The Emerald Grotto; 
  • Furore's Fjord; 
  • Pandora's Cave;
  • Lemon Groves;
  • Minori - The Town of Good Taste;
  • Waterfall of Marmorata;
  • Atrani's Beach;
  • St. Andrew Grotto;
  • Sophia Loren's Former Villa;
  • Conca Dei Marini - Fishing Village;
  • Pretty and Cylindrical Watchtowers;
  • Africana Cave;
  • Positano - The Colorful Village.
Amalfi And Positano Boat Tours

 Exciting Journey in Positano By Sea

Amalfi Coast is absolutely a magical destination and 100% worth a visit. Sail to discover the pearls of the coast.

Travel Safe

We have adopted the best hygiene measures. Hand sanitizer available to travellers and staff. 

Drinks & Snacks in Positano

Drinks & Snacks

You can relax with cold Prosecco and tasty snacks as you enjoy your time on the water.

Fuore Fjord

Exclusive Tour

Suggested private tour with a selection of highlights. Just for you, your friends and your family!

Capri Exclusive Tour

What to Visit in Amalfi Coast?

 Spend a whole day on the Mediterranean Sea. Discover Positano of your dreams!

This Is The Way To Spend A Vacation

Our boats and stunning views of the Amalfi Coast will make your stay extra special.

We apologize but we only organize private boat tours.

For the Amalfi Coast tour you can choose whether to take a half day (4h) or a full day (6/7h) cruise.

During this cruise you can explore the most picturesque places, stopping to swim, take photos, savor the views, discover hidden corners of the coast and admire historic watchtowers and fishing villages!

It is a must-do and the views from the sea are some of the most famous in the world! Only from the sea you will discover the true beauty of this coast that is characterized by the succession of pristine beaches, bays, caves and much more.

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