Capri Tours

Full-day excursion to visit the Faraglioni and the Blue Grotto

Boat Excursions in Capri

Enjoy Capri island by sea on a private boat tour with stops to swim and snorkel. Sights included in our full-day Capri excursion:

  • Faraglioni Rocks;
  • Natural Arch;
  • White Grotto;
  • Green Grotto;
  • Blue Grotto;
  • Li Galli Island.
Boat Excursions in Capri - Faraglioni Rocks

What You Can Expect During a Capri Tour

Amalfi Luxury Cruises decided to make their clients live a double emotion,
realizing a daily tour which includes both Amalfi Coast and Capri island.

Travel Safe

Staff welcome clients into a clean and safe space, regularly sanitizing all high-traffic areas.

Capri - Faraglioni Rocks

Drinks & Snacks

Enjoy complimentary prosecco and snacks on board. Make a toast in front of the Faraglioni!

Capri - Relax on Board

Exclusive Tour

This is a private tour/activity. The yacht is available for you and your company only!

Capri - Blue Grotto

What to See in Capri?

Stunning views, hidden grottoes and romantic beaches... don't miss this great experience!

Capri In A Day: What Can You Do

 Things you need to know about our Capri tour.

It is a private cruise to best meet your expectations!

It lasts about 7 hours, but it may vary according to your needs!

Yes, if you wish!
PLEASE NOTE: There will be a landing fee to pay at the port!

Yes, the captain will pull the boat up to a seaside restaurant so you can enjoy the local cuisine!

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