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Ivan & Serena

Amalfi Luxury Cruises, company specializing in the rental of private and luxury speedboats, was born from the union in marriage of a young couple, a boy who sailed the sea from an early age, and a girl who finished her studies and worked for the public, meeting and establishing relationships with customers from all over the world, sharing the same passion: the sea.

Professional Crew - Ivan Di Palma
Ivan Di Palma

Young, nice and kind captain, born and raised on the Amalfi Coast, has always sailed the crystal clear waters that surround the Divina Costiera, aboard the family motorboat. From the fun of sailing with his parents he cultivated a passion and made his dream come true.

Today he is happy to cruise all the wonderful caves, coves, inlets, rocks and hidden beaches of the Amalfi Coast, which can only be appreciated by sea, with you lying down and relaxing on your comfortable sundeck sipping a drink.

Professional Crew - Serena Cuomo
Serena Cuomo

Kind and smiling girl, whose favorite color is the blue of the Mediterranean sea, will be ready to welcome all your requests and help you through her excellent coastal knowledge, to choose the cruise that suits you best and will help make your holiday the unforgettable experience you've been waiting for a lifetime!

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Diamond Cruises Amalfi is a professional boat and yacht rental company, qualified in the most required activities of the branch.

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