Water Taxi from Amalfi Coast to Capri

Fast transfers from/to Positano, Capri, Sorrento and Salerno by sea.

Rental Boats for Private Transfers

Our motor boats are proper means of transport, faster than cars, less chaotic of ferries, and more comfortable of buses. Further reasons for preferring a private transfer by sea for your holiday? For saving time, for travelling independently, welcomed by a super comfortable atmosphere, and for admiring at the same time, the views of Amalfi Coast villages you will find along the way.

Departure Arrival Distance Duration
From Salernoto Amalfi about 25 minutes
From Salernoto Capri about 75 minutes
From Salernoto Positano about 45 minutes
From Salernoto Sorrento about 80 minutes
From Amalfito Capri about 55 minutes
From Amalfito Positano about 20 minutes
From Amalfito Salerno about 25 minutes
From Amalfito Sorrento about 60 minutes
From Positanoto Amalfi about 20 minutes
From PositanoTo Capri about 40 minutes
From Positanoto Salerno about 40 minutes
From Positanoto Sorrento about 30 minutes
From Sorrentoto Amalfi about 80 minutes
From Sorrentoto Capri about 30 minutes
From Sorrento to Positano about 60 minutes
From Sorrentoto Salerno about 95 minutes
From Caprito Amalfi about 55 minutes
From Caprito Positano about 40 minutes
From Caprito Salerno about 75 minutes
From Caprito Sorrento about 30 minutes
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Diamond Cruises Amalfi is a professional boat and yacht rental company, qualified in the most required activities of the branch.

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